A world in which dominance over the hands is fought by the crowns of Vampire and Werewolf in an age old battle where all your can trust is the blade in your hand
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 Elleon | Fae

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PostSubject: Elleon | Fae   Thu Mar 20, 2014 6:40 pm

Name: Elleon
Nickname: Elle
Gender: Male
Species: Half Fae

Country of Origin: Unknown
Residency: Kenndrick

Physical Age: 21
Biological Age: 26

Height: 5’5
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Blue / Green
Skin Tone: Fair

Birthday: 12th May
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Pets: N/A

Personality: Elleon is a kind yet wary young man. Though he is immensely fond of company he finds it difficult to trust those around him and will resort to hiding aspects of himself from people in order to remain safe.

When people become dear to him he devotes himself to them however breaking through his timid shell is no always the easiest feat.

Powers: Oracles are a rarity and though they have the ability to glimpse into the future their present sight is taken away from them at birth. Not everything they see will come to pass and can change if a person changes their mind or takes a different path, as such they are highly valued as Seers for those who seek a certain result in their future.
Oracles have strong religious ties and it has been known for them to gain divine favor from their deities or even to be turned dark if they abandon their cause.

History: From a young age Elleon’s parents have known of his gift and have tried their best to keep him safe. They moved constantly, travelling the Elven lands to avoid detection though news of an oracle always spread fast, those who had an affinity for magic could always sense the boy’s nature.

When the war grew more violent they hid away completely, though they were always found sooner or later.
No one had expected them to move into hostile territory, however werewolves were not in tune to the magical arts as such it was the easiest place to hide.

When Elleon came of age he ventured out on his own, no longer wanting to be a burden to the family who had raised him and protected him. His parents protested his decision but he would not put them in danger any longer.
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Elleon | Fae
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